The May Fair's three Duplex Suites weave a sense of space and drama from their innovative layouts. Ermine, Pewter and Bamboo are each infused with their own unique interpretation of split level style.


Innovative, individual and luxurious, the Mayfair's three Duplex Suites, Ermine, Pewter and Bamboo, provide a five-star setting for interviews and press conferences, with a dedicated events manager on hand for all business requirements.


The Suites provided a comfortable, intimate yet wholly glamorous setting for a top supermodel's lingerie launch. The flexibility of the three five-star rooms ensures different moods and media requirements can be handled simultaneously.


There can be few more exclusive settings for entertaining than a luxury five star hotel room. The Duplex Suites' combination of innovative design and intimate luxury provide an ideal setting for private parties or interviews.


The Duplex Suites provide a luxurious rest area and green room for celebrities and guest speakers, supporting the range of exclusive film and photo shoots taking place within the five star rooms of The May Fair Suites.


  • Bedroom with King size double bed
  • Bathroom
  • 42-inch plasma TV in lounge and bedroom
  • Double height lounge
  • All Duplex Suites interconnect


  • Total floor space of the Ermine Duplex Suite is 57.42m² / 618.1ft²
  • Total floor space of the Pewter Duplex Suite is 60.07m² / 646.6ft²
  • Total floor space of the Bamboo Duplex Suite is 47.25m² / 508.6ft²


  • 42-inch Bang & Olufsen plasma TV and Bang & Olufsen CD player in lounge and bedroom
  • CCTV entry controls

These features allow you to host:
Corporate functions
Product functions


The services you would expect of a luxury five-star-hotel are merely the starting point for The May Fair Suites' experience. 24-hour butler service, airport pickup and transfer and details such as fine pressing are all readily to hand. However, the true extent of our commitment to luxury service is shown in our management, discretion and pride in meeting every guest's wish.

The Duplex Suites

Located on the 7th floor
Ermine 57.42m² / 618.1ft²
Pewter 60.07m² / 648.6ft²
Bamboo 47.25m² / 508.6ft²